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Dr Herbert Roberts MD

Amazing stories of the Great Pandemic 1918-19

"Colonel Gibson, commander of the Fifty-seventh Vermont, wrote of his regiment's experience on the Leviathan: 'The ship was packed. Conditions were such that the influenza could breed and multiply with extraordinary swiftness. The number of sick increased rapidly. Doctors and nurses were stricken..."

"It was the same on other ships. Pools of blood from haemorrhaging patients lay on the floor. At first the deaths of men were separated by a few hours: the log of the Leviathan noted, but a week after leaving New York, the officer of the day was no longer bothering to note in the log "died on board", he was writing only a name, and a time - another at 8:10A.M., at 8:25A.M...." (Excerpts from the book "The Great Influenza").
A well respected homoeopath - Dr. Herbet Roberts M.D. on board another troop ship at the same time made this report to military authorities: "We had 81 cases of flu on the way over to Europe. All recovered and were landed. Every man received homoeopathic treatment."


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